Friday, June 4, 2010

Friendship isn't binary

Another thought on what turns me off about Facebook:  it treats friendship as if its binary.  You are either friends with someone or you are not.  No matter how much time you spend messing. With your privacy settings, even at its most locked down, annyone marked as a friend sees everything.  What about family, acquaintences,  work buddies, neighbors, or those true friends who help you move (bodies)?  They're all lumped together into an on or off, up or down, in or out world.  So, users must either constantly filter what they say for the current (and future) mix of ins or, as I'd guess everyone with more than 10 or so friends does, post whatever and forget about the consequences.  Without any sense of groups of friends, you may as well make everything public.  This approach simply doesn't fit my life.

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