Friday, May 14, 2010

Not impressed with the quality of this BlackBox Server Enclosure

Who knew putting a server-grade ups in our lab rack at the office
would turn into a shop project?  Even though APC, who shipped rack
rails with the UPS, and BlackBox, who makes the rack enclosure, both
claim to use #10-32 screws, I was only able to make APC's screws fit
in about 1/10 holes in BlackBox's rack. Other screws of this size from
lab supply didn't fare any better.  Luckily, we have a whole pile of
BlackBox screws that came with the enclosure.  Their own screws fit in
about 1/2 the threaded holes in their own rack.  It took a powered
driver to get them all in, too, sometimes taking multiple tries to get
part of the way in, back out and blow off all the metal shavings, then
go a little farther.

Like I said, I'm not impressed BlackBox.

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